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Death metal is often..

       As mere mortals, we are confronted by death on a daily basis, it is therefore only right that metal music has it's fair share of death related subjects. To class any metal music as death metal, then usually the lyrical content will contain numerous references to our darker side of morality, tales of death, mutilation, agony, torture, or anything the mind can conjure up!.

       A certain style is also prevalent throughout death metal, the music will be fast, unrelenting in the majority of bands, infused with fast guitar riffing, hyper-speed drumming and the obligatory deep vocal style, the sound of the devil himself or cookie monster on a bad day ?. With a tsunami wave of bands that play death metal, quality is sometimes lacking even if the enthusiasm is there.

       Death metal is often the scapegoat for the evils of mankind, but this type of music hasn't existed very long and it's not exactly an interest to the majority, so that argument that "INSERT FAVOURITE BAND made me do it" doesn't exactly hold up in my view. The music is a well crafted art form, much like any other form of entertainment. Musicians take great pride in their work, spending countless hours perfecting their sound, it's not as random as detractors of this form of music might have you believe.

       For 17 years Cannibal Corpse have honed their abilities to be one of the best selling bands of the death metal genre, shifting well over 1'000'000 albums. Quite a feat considering most people would never have heard them. They are the role models to death metal, they do not compromise their sound, their belief in the music, even after numerous court cases citing them as reasons people have killed. They still have bans enforced in Germany stopping them from playing some of their tracks.

       Deicide are another band that have sold nearly as many albums as Cannibal Corpse, but they are classed as having a satanic edge to their approach but they still retain the intense death metal sound. Their anti-Christian themes do not endear themselves to many but there is no denying the technical ability and top notch production on their albums.

       What gets lost about death metal is that it is entertainment in the end, much like horror films, the majority see it as fantasy, death is part of life, our mortality makes us curious, death metal is just a natural twist on that concept.

Written by Wayne Reeves

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