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Death Metal is..

       Death metal is probably the most controversial of the heavy metal sub-genres among mainstream culture. It is known for it's use of heavy guitar distortion, harsh, low-pitched and/or growling vocals, morbid lyrics, fast-paced rhythms and melodies and unconventional song structure, some people, for lack of better words, just don't like it. To the die hard fan there is nothing to compare.

       Death metal is known by its fast, down-tuned and highly distorted guitars. Guitar techniques also include palm muting and tremolo picking. Most death metal bands use lead, rhythm, and bass guitars, drum kit using two bass drums or a double bass drum pedal, and with some electronic keyboards.

       The lyrics in death metal is what truly sets it apart from other heavy metal sub-genres. They often include extreme graphic violence. This is the main reason for its exclusion from mainstream culture.

       Death metal started to become popular in the mid 1980's. It began to gain more exposure in the late 1980's to the early 1990's as more popular record labels began to sign death metal bands at a growing rate.

       Even with this, mainstream culture still refused to accept it, due to the violent themes and images. It is mainly seen as an underground form of music, partly because it doesn't appeal to most people, at least that they will admit, and because its musicians often prefer to remain obscure.

       Even some of the band names alone could cause some people to turn away. Names such as Children of Bodom, a Finland based band named for a murder case based in their hometown, Athiest and Necrophagia, both American based bands, and Morbid Angel just to name a few. But, whether you like the lyrics or not the talent of these musicians is awesome if you take the time to listen.

       Granted, death metal isn't for everyone, but for those who love the driving pace, awesome guitar solo's and growling vocals, nothing else can come close.

Written by JRR

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