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An extreme heavy metal sub-genre..

       Death metal is an extreme heavy metal sub-genre that came from thrash metal originally and some elements of black metal. Death metal is definitely not for the classical loving music population. This style of music is the exact opposite and is very vocal as well as hardcore guitar playing. Death metal is often labeled as Satan worshiping music that is all about the darker side of life. Where this may be true for some death metal bands and fans, it is not true for all of the bands and fans out there.

       You can learn to appreciate some things in life that you do not necessarily like, by finding the good in it. For instance death metal requires enormous practice and skill on vocals and the instruments they use. If you just watch a performance on T.V. or live you will see just how hard that they play. That takes a lot of practice and hard work to develop those skills. Ones that are serious about guitar playing can greatly appreciate just how skilled the guitar players are.

       The death metal lyrics are often hard to understand as the singer grunts and screams the lyrics in a deep voice. Although you may have a hard time understanding what they are saying it is easy to go online and find the lyrics to their songs. Try going to metal-archives. There you can look up bands by name or song to find the particular song that you like.

       The mid 1980's is when death metal first came about, and has since recruited many, many fans. The bands that were thought to influence death metal in the beginning are Slayer, Possessed, and the pioneer bands Death and Morbid Angel. While death metal is an extreme and often brutal music genre, it has its talent in the mix. Many people look down on death metal and see its followers as Satan worshipping, animal torturing people, so it is type of music that you either love ... or hate.

       Death metal is definitely not for weak hearted, rather the strong minded individuals that like loud noise. Since often death metal is thrown out by others saying it is all just noise, loud noise, it has gotten a bad rap. Not all of the bands are singing about dark and/or apocalyptic lyrics, but most do. If you can tolerate it enough to see the talent in it, then perhaps you will become a fan yourself. Although I wouldn't want you to push this type of music on your parents or grandparent, like I said you either love it or you hate it, and most mature adults choose to hate on it.

Written by N. A. Hernandez

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